About us

‘Aurotone’s organization comprises of over 40 music experts and industry executives spanning thirty cities and twenty countries that advise on music trends in their individual markets, as well as research music for specific local-territory or global projects.’

‘The Aurotone Network is a new global initiative that aims to revolutionize the way that music is sourced for advertisements, film and computer games.  A big part of what they do has always been to act a kind of a filtration system from the huge amount of music that is out there and to distil that into something that is understandable and useful for their clients.’

‘There’s a degree of passion and organization in Aurotone that I haven’t come across before. The Network promises to globalize new music, expose fledgling artists and spread niche music culture to new areas through their clients and projects.’

‘Aurotone’s music captured the mood perfectly and has played an integral part in the film being watched by millions.’

Steve Vranakis, Executive Creative Director, Google

‘Music journalists power global tastemaking firm: Aurotone is a great way of connecting with people who are completely immersed in their local music scene who can help provide undiscovered gems.’

‘If you need to source music for your film or brand then Aurotone has launched a new network of experts that can help: the Aurotone Network.’

‘Aurotone’s excellent Intelligence Report digest of international music trends reflects their desire to embrace the opportunities presented by the huge changes in the music, advertising and film industries of late – changes which allow an entirely new way of conducting a creative business.’